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ce n'est pas parceque c'est difficile que nous n'osons pas, c'est parceque nous n'osons pas que c'est difficile

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Tournée en Morvan

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You Tube

30 000 Oppening of Terre Happy`s vidéos on You Tube Channel.


Big news

Comments about the concert of the Kremlin Bicêtre

The department of the culture of Kremlin Bicêtre's Mayor had the good idea to make a questionnaire to those who wished to express themselves, here is the result:  

For the question :

The evening has been as good as you expected it?

Yes, absolutly, Why? :


It is simply because it makes us feel good

Cheerful, lively, dynasmism

Very good level

Great, very nice

Just pleasure and happiness

Because it was varied and of quality

Very liked the choice of the songs

It was perfect

Big quality of the service in spite of the cold in the church

I was not expected this and I have been surprised

Rich in talent and of quality

A real show and big talent of the singers

It was beautiful

Pleasantly surprised, Bravo

KB Concert

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Good evening to all of you,

A big thanck you to our wonderful public who came listening us at the Sainte-Famille's church yesterday.

A big thanck you to the priest and his lovely assistant. 

A big thank you of course to the Mayor and Marina for invited us.

The emotion was tangible and the visitors' book filled with beautiful sentences, beautiful ideas, thank you for having shared with so much of entousiasme this musical moment.

As a present, here is a little peace moment : And so ti goes


Just once will not hurt here is a bill of a real writer and also TerreHappyste Philippe K.:

Who said that the Morvan is a distant place of Bourgorgne, , with backward and decadent customs?

The weekend of 24 and 25th October, our choir Terre Happy d'groupe organised its first  training of singing there. Program : two concerts, one clip on Happy (by Pharrell Williams), three rehearsals, deux semi-finals of the World-Cup, seven commun meals in the Dauthieux's barn (but how are they doing this?)  and after parties, my friends!

If thirty seconds of laughts by day is extended life expectancy, one weekend in the Morvan will make us all centenarians! All this surrounded by beautiful landscpes...
Our two concerts were a success (the proof is that even voiceless it is possible to sing Amsterdam). In spite of a global advertising, Luzy's concert did not bring to much lads, but our lovely public  made vibrate the air.

The next day, in Onlay's church, big success! It was a while since we have seen so many people at mass! The priest was presided dressed in black, with gestures accompanied with energy, arms up to the sky to exhort her herd to sing highter (but not hardly!), someting tiping her thighs before starting Thula Baba.

At the end, to finish, thank you to our incomparable hosts! Now we know: in Morvan, Habemus papam… y mamam.

The tour Morvan here is accurate

Hello tour prepares and surprises


First we have been contacted by radio Morvan and they interviewed Lola and I. Tu purpose was to make a little advertising on the air for our 2 dates. I will put you the audio file as soon as I receive it.

The Tour is preparing with a nice new song to start the year, "down to the shore" for connoisseurs is the famous soundtrack O'Brother.

The girls even prepare you a little surprise, I will not say more you will discover here soon.

This weekend will not be any rest for the herd because the program is loaded; musical rehearsal ++, concerts and 2 (thank you Steph) our filmmaker prepares you a nice surprise oooooooooonnneeeeeeeeee clip .... !!. For all admit the choice of song was difficult, after much negotiation and discussion here in TerreHappyste hard and strong, dry Lola finally decided, will be Happy. Well there are some who say that Pharrell Williams is not our style, there is at least the title that made by Earth Happy Happy concensus here seems source. So Happystes of Earth dropped in the Morvan, in the country and rotate a clip here will do the heavy ... if not frozen.

The concert will surely be nice in Luzy side atmosphere, the public will be invited to dance after our performance with two bright young accordionists who will play Morvan trad repertoire, it's going dry boogie. (= dance boogie). The next day at Onlay, we must expect a beautiful musicality. In fact the church has a beautiful warm sound and this little church that regularly turns into a concert hall will amaze you. Leases recordings perpestive.

Soon with good news has you discover.

To Lola, full of enthusiasm

A pretty clumsy and modest tribute to Lola!

Karine (mezzo)

In french

A homage

To you dear Lola..

We are a little bit an atypical groupe, mostly a group of friends united by the wish to share songs with strangers (and sometimes friends). The energy and the good mood which get free of our training is the fact of multiple factors.

In the video "interview des choristes de Terre Happy D'Groupe", I tried to show you the beautiful people who take part of this choir, to define them they are humble people, they like to sing, to have fun, to make parties, to laugh and to share all of it with people.

But what would be this motivated herd and full of good intentions without a shepherd to organize a little that happy "mess".
Lola, because she is not a professional choir mistress, because she is fromm the herd too and came out with simplicity, energy and passion, because only her can be so patient with us, she brings us slowly but surely to take confindence in us, to believe in what we do. She is able to bring us far away, to dare new challenges.. and it is working.

This series of videos that I join you to discover on her page, it is first of all in homage to her tenacity, her courage and her perseverance. It is also for me the occasion to show all her talent, her work, her incridible way to guide us, miming the words, giving the departures, making us work sessions after sessions the nuances, the subtleties of every pieces. She allows us to put an intention in every song, to embody characters, to give meaning to the music. She realizes a painstaking job, preparing for every group a recording of voice.  I remind you that most of us are not reading music. Thanks to this series of videos, you can the time of a song, to be at our place and test this pleasur to sing.. .. let's sing friends.. ..just sing.. will make you feel better, it is a great therapy of groupe..

Thank you Lola!

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in concert at Monguichet Castel

I suggested to all our chorus-singers leaving a small comment on our last concert in the house of Monguichet to Gagny for the association the "Younger brothers of the poor people".

"We are always welcomed with open arms in quite simplicity and with a lot of human heat, a beautiful moment of sharing.." Pascal

This is what tell us Marion:

"I would like to pay tribute to the volunteers who spare no effort to those who need it, with an enthusiasm and an enjoyment who illuminated this concert. So many smiles!"

"What a pleasure to offer this special moment to these sweet persons. This is no age to share the pleasure of music! Some notes are enough for seeing, the time of a moment, a smile on a face.... To here our voices to join to our choir!
Thank you to the Younger brothers of the poor people for its welcome and thank you to Terre Happy to be ready to share these moments and to offer them so spontaneously!" Lola

"It was very delicious! ;-) " (that is Philippe, because we were invinted to eat a delicious twelfth-night pancake)


"It has been hard to sing because the ceiling is low but it was humanely so rich!
Bravo to all of us for beeing there!
Thank you to the public, big kiss to Patrick, Cassandre and Julien"

"As for the previous times, I really took a big pleasure to sing and to share the twelth-night pancake in the house of Monguichet! The welcome is still so warm! But I would have a request to come next time during spring or summer to enjoy the marvellous garden!" Karine

a crazy world

This morning, a drama happened in the Charlie Hebdo editor's office and this made me say we all need to feel united by the same force, the one of the vigilance in front of a blind violence. How can we accept to let this people, promised to change our vision of the world and to stand back on life. Our voices is with the other voices to be united against the inhumanity, let's our songs to calm and to open the hearts, more than at any time I want to sing.

More and more

Good evening dear Internet,

You just exceed 11,000 opening tonight thank you

and in addition you have opened 40,000 pages so you are curious.

It would be even better if you give your print by leaving a little comment or message in the guestbook, you opened?

Hugs to everyone

Yours webmater and do not forget that in addition to the site is translated in english by our dear Aurélie.

Report of 2014

A new year is ending under a little taste of cake, strips of orange & chocolate and shortbread cookies

The report of this year had been very positif for us

First of all, this blog is going well

His translation was not easy but we made it!

You still come to visit us and that fills our hearts with joy

We startes more complex songs, and with work, we succeed !

Welcome also to our two new recruits (Rachel and Julien) who, with success, found their place within there voice's group but also in the herd ;)

So thank you for coming and listening us! 2015 is going to be richer in concerts!

Thank you Lola for your direction and dynamism!

For 2015, be prepared to listen an adaptation of And so it goes (, Happy, Molène and La petite fugue! It is going to swing!

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come back


Of course, I did not abandoned you! First, there were holidays and then we did not have internet for an entire week..

But (to be forgiven), I am back with 10 new videos on You Tube for the subscribers. I ad the link on the website for the songs you do not know at the herding News.

une berceuse Afriquaine "Toula Toulaba" (an african lullaby "Toula Toulaba")

Sorry for the bad quality, we had a technical problem with the camera so thank you to Octave who recorded with his mobile phone.

I promess, next time will be better!

To conclude: a scoop! We work on a choral adaptation of "Happy" by Phrarrell William. Do I have to say it? This title totally fit with Terre Happy's soul...

Of course, we will do a little chore on it ... hummm you are gonna to like it.

Bye for now!

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