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in concert at Monguichet Castel

I suggested to all our chorus-singers leaving a small comment on our last concert in the house of Monguichet to Gagny for the association the "Younger brothers of the poor people".

"We are always welcomed with open arms in quite simplicity and with a lot of human heat, a beautiful moment of sharing.." Pascal

This is what tell us Marion:

"I would like to pay tribute to the volunteers who spare no effort to those who need it, with an enthusiasm and an enjoyment who illuminated this concert. So many smiles!"

"What a pleasure to offer this special moment to these sweet persons. This is no age to share the pleasure of music! Some notes are enough for seeing, the time of a moment, a smile on a face.... To here our voices to join to our choir!
Thank you to the Younger brothers of the poor people for its welcome and thank you to Terre Happy to be ready to share these moments and to offer them so spontaneously!" Lola

"It was very delicious! ;-) " (that is Philippe, because we were invinted to eat a delicious twelfth-night pancake)


"It has been hard to sing because the ceiling is low but it was humanely so rich!
Bravo to all of us for beeing there!
Thank you to the public, big kiss to Patrick, Cassandre and Julien"

"As for the previous times, I really took a big pleasure to sing and to share the twelth-night pancake in the house of Monguichet! The welcome is still so warm! But I would have a request to come next time during spring or summer to enjoy the marvellous garden!" Karine

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