A homage

To you dear Lola..

We are a little bit an atypical groupe, mostly a group of friends united by the wish to share songs with strangers (and sometimes friends). The energy and the good mood which get free of our training is the fact of multiple factors.

In the video "interview des choristes de Terre Happy D'Groupe", I tried to show you the beautiful people who take part of this choir, to define them they are humble people, they like to sing, to have fun, to make parties, to laugh and to share all of it with people.

But what would be this motivated herd and full of good intentions without a shepherd to organize a little that happy "mess".
Lola, because she is not a professional choir mistress, because she is fromm the herd too and came out with simplicity, energy and passion, because only her can be so patient with us, she brings us slowly but surely to take confindence in us, to believe in what we do. She is able to bring us far away, to dare new challenges.. and it is working.

This series of videos that I join you to discover on her page, it is first of all in homage to her tenacity, her courage and her perseverance. It is also for me the occasion to show all her talent, her work, her incridible way to guide us, miming the words, giving the departures, making us work sessions after sessions the nuances, the subtleties of every pieces. She allows us to put an intention in every song, to embody characters, to give meaning to the music. She realizes a painstaking job, preparing for every group a recording of voice.  I remind you that most of us are not reading music. Thanks to this series of videos, you can the time of a song, to be at our place and test this pleasur to sing.. .. let's sing friends.. ..just sing.. ..it will make you feel better, it is a great therapy of groupe..

Thank you Lola!

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