Just once will not hurt here is a bill of a real writer and also TerreHappyste Philippe K.:

Who said that the Morvan is a distant place of Bourgorgne, , with backward and decadent customs?

The weekend of 24 and 25th October, our choir Terre Happy d'groupe organised its first  training of singing there. Program : two concerts, one clip on Happy (by Pharrell Williams), three rehearsals, deux semi-finals of the World-Cup, seven commun meals in the Dauthieux's barn (but how are they doing this?)  and after parties, my friends!

If thirty seconds of laughts by day is extended life expectancy, one weekend in the Morvan will make us all centenarians! All this surrounded by beautiful landscpes...
Our two concerts were a success (the proof is that even voiceless it is possible to sing Amsterdam). In spite of a global advertising, Luzy's concert did not bring to much lads, but our lovely public  made vibrate the air.

The next day, in Onlay's church, big success! It was a while since we have seen so many people at mass! The priest was presided dressed in black, with gestures accompanied with energy, arms up to the sky to exhort her herd to sing highter (but not hardly!), someting tiping her thighs before starting Thula Baba.

At the end, to finish, thank you to our incomparable hosts! Now we know: in Morvan, Habemus papam… y mamam.


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